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You've seen them in town as you drive past, and I am sure you have wondered how much money can you make owning a coin laundromat?


Investment Joy -  Brandon Helicopter Interview 🚁 👉 Flight https://youtu.be/IQ7tduUsW7I

10-Year-Old Girl - Helicopter 🚁 👉 https://youtu.be/IfACbEVV3UY


I recently flew in a helicopter around the country, meeting outstanding entrepreneurs as they shared their unique stories with me. One of my stops was in Ohio, where I met Brandon from Investment Joy and we chatted about his businesses.


A few weeks ago, I uploaded the video of him and his daughter flying aboard the helicopter with us, where he gave some of the secrets about how he manages his trailer park investments. I'll include the links to two of those videos in the show notes below.


Today's video shows us stopping by his coin laundry and collecting the coins.


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